08 May 2011

More completeds.

So "completeds" isn't a word. I couldn't think of a title. That's what you get. Here's how I spent my weekend. Friday night I started the knitted, cabled coffee sleeve. Yesterday I made pincushions and started the tea cosy (the thing propped against the back of the chair) and this morning, fast and furious before I went to have Mother's Day brunch for Suzan (which was delicious but now I don't like myself very much), I had to finish the cozy. I may have said things whilst stitching on the binding that were not becoming of a lady. But I finished it just in time. And in just enough time to snap some pictures before running out the door. I still have crafty things left in my brain for this evening, so I suppose that it is a good thing that I ate so horribly at lunch because now I can still have a quick smoothie for dinner and not feel bad about not cooking.
Here are both pincushions I made. Super cute. The grey and blue one and the coffee sleeve were Mother's Day gifts for Margeaux. Because even dog-moms need presents. The yellow and grey one is for me. I have a little bowl next to my sewing machine where I drop pins and I'm afraid they're going to spill out everywhere. I have a great big pincushion nearby but I have to reach for it which isn't easy to do when you're in the middle of a stitch.
I'll wrap it up now because I feel like this is one dull post, but I want to end it with a picture of how my super awesome mom spent her mother's day weekend. JEALOUS. And yep. She said that turtle was as big as she is. (Pretty amazing even though she is a tiny little lady.)

Happy mother's day to you all!

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