30 August 2011

Clutch project - CHECK!

Last weekend I finally finished the clutches I was commissioned to do for a wedding this Sunday. She has three bridesmaids but eight other honorary bridesmaids. She'd requested eleven of these cute little clutches. The pattern is here. (I've used Keyka Lou's pattern for a dog collar and maybe checkbook cover and they are so easy to follow. Great pictures. Easy instructions. Love them.) This was the pattern that the bride chose so I was happy to follow.
I met her at a fabric store back in June and picked out all the fabric. I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. She seemed thrilled. I hope she was. And because I'm an extra super nice person, I made a twelfth and gave it to her as a gift. In exchange - although she didn't realize it - she's paying for one hotel night in New York. (Cripes hotels are expensive there. Thank goodness I'm sharing with two friends.) I just kept telling myself that that was why I was making these little dandies instead of something - anything! - else that I'd rather be working on. But they're done. Yesterday when I handed them over, I felt like I was turning in the massive end-of-term paper and that now I could truly enjoy my summer.

Two secret projects in the works that I'm itching to make so you might not be seeing much from me but Farmer's Wives blocks until the finished products are in the hot little hands of the recipients.  Hopefully soon.