16 August 2011

Do I really have to give it away?

Here's the completed wonky star quilt top. I'm going to admit that I didn't do the math correctly and it is kind of large for a baby quilt - 52" square.  But it is ADORABLE.  Once again, I want to keep it for myself but the beauty of the wonky star is that it is soooooo easy.  I could whip another of these up in a minute.  Or a few days, but you knew what I meant.

Details for those interested - background is Kaufman Kona Aloe.  I think that the center of each star are all Kona Solids as well and I suppose I could figure it out if someone really wanted to know.  Cute dog = Stella. 3/4 English bulldog, 1/4 American bulldog.  Not mine but I get to love her almost daily.  This quilt is for a woman who works at our bank.  This is her first baby and she doesn't know whether she's having a boy or a girl and hadn't worked out how they were decorating the nursery. I do have an interesting quilting plan for this so we'll see how it works out. Just have to find backing fabric now.

And finally, the kaleidoscope quilt top.  I've been done for almost a week but haven't had a chance to get a picture.  I didn't bother to take a pic of the back because it's not pieced and not that exciting.  Quilting was minimal on this baby. It's going to friends who are having a baby girl and are decorating her nursery in Beatrix Potter. It's a happy enough quilt and looks good from a distance.  All those points meeting up = frustrating.

And here are the Farmer's Wife blocks for the week.  I realized too late (or too late for me) that I finished Contrary Wife wrong.  Those orange squiggly bits should all be facing each other.  So I decided that this wife must be REALLY contrary.  But I liked it.  And I just wasn't willing to take the entire block apart, which was what it would've taken to fix it. The last block is my add on block.

Stats for the week -
Farmer's Wife blocks completed - Week 11
Goal: 145
Current: 26

21 Contrary Wife
22 Corn & Beans
23 Country Farm

114 A Dandy - found here - http://www.quilt.com/BlockOfTheMonth/1997/ADandy.html


  1. I love both your quilts. The wonky star and background colour. The points look matching. I am learning a lot about quilts!

  2. Absolutely love your kaleidoscope!! Very nice star quilt too! Nice projects!

  3. Great wonky stars quilt! Of course I like everything here, but if I had to pick a favorite...

  4. Your wonky stars quilt is perfect! I'd have trouble giving it away, too. :) Nothing wrong with a big baby quilt - just means the kiddo won't outgrow it so quickly.

    Great work on your kaleidoscope quilt top. I was too chicken to take it on. :P Your friends are going to love it.

  5. That's a great layout on the Wonky Stars - I love the ring of stars. I also really like your add-in "Dandy" block for the Farmer's Wife.

  6. Completely love your wonky star quilt! That will be an awesome baby quilt. And your Kaleidoscope is beautiful, too! Great colors for a nursery.

  7. LOVE that wonky star quilt. LOVE IT!!! Especially how each star is color-coordinated. Most of the ones I've seen are kinda scrappy, and I feel like you lose the beauty of the wonky star when the fabrics don't coordinate. The way you did it, you see the star, you see the colors, you see the background. It's great!

  8. Love your wonky star quilt! Big baby quilts are great. Babies get big so quickly.

  9. That wonky star quilt is just beautiful. And I agree with Rachel, I like baby quilts to be big. They can use it as a playmat right now, with plenty of room to spread out toys, and it's big enough that the baby can grow into it later. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )