09 August 2011

Oh dear me

Here is the start of baby quilt #5.  (Don't worry.  I haven't forgotten #4.  I have about an hour's worth of binding stitching left and that'll be all done.  Maybe I'll have it to show tomorrow.)  This little cutie is going to have lots of colorful brothers and sisters soon.  I've never done wonky piecing before but I LOVE IT - particularly after doing that kaleidoscope quilt where everything had to was supposed to match up.  Brutal.  I said some not so nice words and every single block was taken apart at least once.  Pitiful. Wonky stitching made me find my happy.  It made me come from a place of YES.  (I've been watching too much Bravo reality TV.)

And these are last week's contributions to the Farmer's Wife blocks.  I adapted this handy little gadget from Penny's yoyo along to help me keep track.  Since I should be doing three blocks a week to meet my 145 block goal, and it's week 10, I'm a little bit behind. . .

Week 10
Farmer's Wife blocks completed
Goal: 145
Current: 22


18 Century of Progress.  I hated the way this block looks in the book.  So like many others, I switched it up.  Once I finally post pictures of baby quilt 4, you'll see how much I loved those fat baby heads.
19 Checkerboard

20 Churn Dash.  This is so much darker here than in person.  And lunchboxes made me think of back to school.  I loved back to school.

113 Antique Tile.  Pattern found here - http://www.quilt.com/BlockOfTheMonth/1998/AntiqueTile.html



  1. I love the wonky start and your FW blocks are looking great. I'm impressed you're up to 22 already - I'n on about 4 :)

  2. The wonky star is so much fun. I finished three more last night!! Quilt top may actually be done by the end of the week. PROGRESS!

  3. Your wonky star is so happy! And I love your fwqal progress bar. :D

  4. these blocks are just gorgeous! i love the colors you've chosen for each of them. fabulous!

  5. Your wonky star is simply too cute!!

    I popped over from the small blog meet, and can't wait to stalk (erm, i mean follow) your progress on these projects! I love your humor and honesty (i too am usually full of good intentions and ideas, but am TERRIBLE with deadlines)!


  6. Love your wonky star, I so like wonky as it's less stress to line up all those points and seams! Your FW blocks are looking great too.