23 August 2011

Just three Farmer's Wives

Very little going on this way, people.  Saturday was my birthday so I didn't get too much done other than lounging about and doing not much of anything.  It was lovely.  Exactly the way I wanted to enter my fourth decade.  

And it's been a blur trying to get those little clutches for the wedding finished up.  (I'm not sure why exactly I thought it was a good idea to do these.  Did $300 really sound like THAT much money???)  But I did manage to squeak out three little Farmer's Wife blocks.  It's a bit short of my current four-a-week goal, but a girl can only do so much. . .

Without further ado - 
Farmer's Wife blocks – Week 12
Goal: 145
Current: 29

That's 20% people!  1/5 of the way through the blocks for this baby!  Just please don't remind me that at the end there is laying out and sashing and quilting and binding. . .  One step at a time, please.

24 Country Path
25 Cups & Saucers

115 Arkansas Cross Roads
pattern found here - http://www.quilt.com/BlockOfTheMonth/1997/ArkansasCrossroads.html

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