07 August 2011

Ms Jackson my intentions were good. . .

All day yesterday sitting at my machine trying to finish this quilt top, I had that Outkast song in my head. I really did mean to finish this quilt by the deadline.  I've been in such a post-vacation funk that last week, at the end of the day, all I wanted to do was sit on the sofa and soothe my broken heart with hours and hours of missed shows from the DVR. I just couldn't bring myself to sit in front of my machine. So the deadline came and went. I missed the party. Doesn't look like I'm the only one and I'll only be a few days late (I'll probably finish today) so I don't feel too badly.

I have so many more new things on my plate. Turns out that the two baby quilts that I have left (only two - HOORAH!!) are due in September, not October like I thought. Oops. Plus I took a commission to make 12 handbags for a wedding and I need to have those done by Labor Day. Looks like it's going to be a busy August and I won't have time to think about that big birthday after all. Which is probably vexing to those around me because I keep getting birthday gift idea requests and I can't think of a thing I want. Except maybe plane tickets. . .


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  1. That's right it is a special birthday coming up. I can hardly believe that it has been forty years since I set up that baby room for you, oh so ready to be able to hold you in my arms to see that sweet face and kiss you from head to toe. Yes is it amazing that time has passed so quickly and now look at you as beautiful as the first day that I first saw and held you. I remember rubbing my tummy knowing that you were that special child that I wished for for so many year. I love you Phoebe, oh child of mine.